Bangladesh OHS Projects

Selected articles and reports from 2018
“Model factory project in Kamrangirchar, Dhaka, Bangladesh” PDF of a power point presentation, William Carter, Ph.D., working with Doctors Without Borders, December 2018

“Global capitalism undermine progress in workplace safety in Bangladesh’s garment industry,” The Daily Star (Dhaka, Bangladesh), June 22, 2018

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“Plaza Plaza Disaster – 5th Anniversary (2018); Selected reports and articles”
“Beyond Third-Party monitoring; Post-Rana Plaza Interventions,” Sanchita Banerjee Saxena, Economic & Political Weekly, April 2018
“Traumatic life events and development of post-traumatic stress disorder among female factory workers in a developing country,” Taylor Jennelle Fitch, et al., International Journal of Social Psychiatry, March 2018
“Strategic Sector Cooperation Denmark-Bangladesh, 1st Quarter 2018”, March 2018
“Denmark exports good working conditions to Bangladesh,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs, January 2018
“Binding Power: The sourcing squeeze, workers’ rights, and building safety in Bangladesh since Rana Plaza,” Mark Anner, Penn State University, March 22, 2018