China Capacity Building Project—Occupational Health and Safety

Appendix 3—Needs Assessment Survey Results

Health and Safety Training Workshop Planning Survey

(for factory participants)

This survey is designed to help develop a four day training session that will be held at the YY2 plant in Summer 2001. The training session has two goals: 1) To build the health and safety ability of all participants (workers, supervisor/managers and non-governmental organizations) to recognize, evaluate and document workplace hazards; and 2) To review how joint labor-management health and safety committees work, and establish basic knowledge and inspection skills of worksite committee members. Please take a few minutes to tell us about yourselves and what you would like to learn from this training.


About Your Job

1. What department do you work in? ________________________________________________

2. What is your specific job? ______________________________________________________

3. If you are a supervisor or manager, how many employees/which departments do you supervise?


4. How long have you worked at this factory? ______________________________________

5. Have you worked at other factories? ____ No ____ Yes

If yes, how many years? ______

What jobs did you do at those factories?



6. Do you have any experience working on health and safety committees or solving workplace health and safety problems?

____ No ____ Yes .

If yes, please describe your experience



What You Hope to Learn

7. Which of the following health and safety topics would you like to learn about?
(Mark the three topics that are most important to you)

Identifying and Preventing the following hazards:

Chemical hazards (name some specific chemicals you’d like to know about)


Ergonomic problems (poor work design--repetitive motions, lifting, sewing)

Electrical and machine hazards

Stress ( sexual harassment, production schedules, other)


Reproductive Hazards


Other hazards:_________________________________________________

8. Which learning skills would you like to develop (Mark the three topics that are most important to you)

Measuring noise and chemical exposures?

Learning how to read chemical labels

How to use respirators and gloves correctly (Personal Protective Equipment)

Understanding the law, evaluating and documenting problems (Legal Rights)

How health and safety committees work

How to collect information about workplace hazards (interviews and department inspections

Training others about this information

Developing a plan to solve health and safety problems

Effective communication

Other topics:_________________________________________________

9. Have you attended other health and safety trainings in the past?


Yes. What topics were covered? ___________________________________________

10. What types of information about workplace health and safety do you have access to? Please list (for example factsheets, supervisor, health and safety coordinator, internet sites)


11. Do you have experience training others?


Yes. What topics were covered? ___________________________________________


12. What language would you prefer to have the training conducted in?



13. What are three things that you hope to learn from coming to this training course?



14. Do you have any other questions, comments, or suggestions about how to make this training workshop best serve you?



Thank you for your help. We look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss further how to make this training session as useful to you as possible.



Grand Totals


Topics Interested in
Learning About


36 6 42
Electricity & Machines 38 3 41
Ergonomics 28 8 36
Stress 24 10 34
Heat 20 2 22
Noise 17 1 18
Reproduction 10 7 17
Other Hazards 2 0 2

Learning Skills

Legal Rights

36 6 42
Effective Communication 34 6 40
How Committees Work 29 8 37
Collecting Information 16 6 22
Training Others 16 6 22
Developing a Plan 18 3 21
Measuring Exposures 17 3 20
Respirator/Gloves 11 0 11
Chemical Labels 9 1 0
Other 1 0 1