China Capacity Building Project—Occupational Health and Safety

Appendix 6—Three Month Training Impact Summary

For cover sheet

Dear Friends:

Greetings to you all—it has been three months since the training in August at YY. It was a great experience for us and we learned so much from you.

Since that time, we’ve looked at the surveys that you filled out before and after the training. The results were very positive and showed that a majority of you feel much more confident about your health and safety knowledge as a result of the training.

We’ve also reviewed the overall training evaluation forms. The results showed that you thought the factory inspection and on-site practice was one of the most valuable parts of the training. Many of you also mentioned you liked the sessions on effective communication, ergonomics, chemical hazards, noise, and stress and that this information will be very useful in your work.

Now we would like to know about your health and safety activities SINCE the training three months ago. Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey and return it to ______________________. There is no need to put your name on the survey

I am a: (please check one box)

37 Worker
9 Supervisor
_ NGO member
6 Others HSE commisioner(2) Labor Department Manager(1) Life and Education Department

Please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation survey. Remember, the information you give us is confidential. You do not need to put your name on your survey.

1. Since the training, I’ve (check ALL that apply):

46 Used or reviewed the written health and safety materials in my binder.
25 Educated and trained others about a health and safety topic (What was the topic? chemical hazards(15) noise(13) importance of safety and health(1) fire protection(2) ergonomics(5) electricity hazards(3) machines(1) PPE(3) publicity(2) self-protection and job injury protection(2) pressure(1) occupational contact limit(2) effective communication and communication still(2) laws about safety and health(1) machine protection(1) )
28 Tried to solve a health and safety problem.
45 Conducted a factory inspection at a plant
36 Interviewed and listened to workers’ concerns about health and safety.
26 Researched information about a specific health and safety problem.
47 Participated in my factory’s health and safety committee.
1 Other To coordinate with the relative department to solve the problems(1) Classified rubbish disposal(1) Promotion of the safety and health knowledge(1) To give publicity to the people in our community.(1) Promoting the safety and health committee.(1) To publish the questionnaires and measures against the hazards in the community.(1)
2. If you haven’t used the information from the health and safety workshop, was it because:
8 There is no opportunity yet, but I plan to use it in the future.
_ There are no opportunities.
22 I need more training
1 Other (please describe):
To investigate the problems so as to resolve the actual problems.(1) Factory inspection, improving the environment(1) We hope that we will be educated about the safety, we are too busy to receive training.(1) To carry about the plan in the future. Factory will pay the big project. Now our factory is depressed so we can not afford to rebuild. We need more training and relative knowledge.(1)
3. Please take a minute to think about what you learned at the training in August. Which of the following have been most useful to you? ( check ALL that apply)
10 learning about specific health and safety topics ( tell us which ones: Ergonomics(28) Noise(28) Chemical hazards(34) Pressure(16) Clear communication(6) Electric hazards(8) Safety and health committee knowledge and training(1) Teaching method(1) Hazards control(1) Usage of PPE(3) Mechanical safety(1) factory inspection(3) Usage of equipment(1) Occupational disease prevention(2) Check-up equipment(1) High temperature or thermos(2) Fire proof safety(1) Group discussion(1) Communicate with NGO about the safety knowledge(1) Vocation regulations and labor law(1)
37 inspections in the factory
28 practicing with equipment (noise monitors, smoke tubes)
31 interviewing workers
25 seeing a variety of teaching methods
37 group discussions
24 learning from and meeting supervisors and workers from other factories
29 learning from and meeting NGO representatives
43 health and safety committee information and training
26 written materials
_ other (describe):
4. Please also answer some questions about health and safety committee activities at your factory. Since the training in August, the health and safety committee at my plant has: (Please check ALL that apply)
21 Held regular meetings of the committee
How often has the committee met?
once a month, hazard evaluation twice a month in KTS. once a month. The committee has just been established, we have only one meeting up till now in YY. once a month or half-month in Pegasus.
How many people are on the committee?
68 54 24,23,35,20,30,40
____# of Workers ____# of Supervisors ____# of Managers ___ # of Others
Who is the chair?__________________________________________________
17 Developed an outreach plan to inform employees and supervisors about the committee
Please describe: Board publicity, poster(6) Once a month safety survey; evaluate; discussing the safe problems; putting forward the improvement measures to resolve the problem(1) Giving Health and Safety training class and training(5) training(1) Once a month by committee(1) giving relative information on health and safety(1) Publicity(1) Usage of E-mail(1) invitation(1) Committee establishment(1) To establish health and safety committee and explain in the committee, taking effective measures to resolve the problems(1) Reporting the hidden hazard to the supervisor by written form(1) Questionnaire box(1) factory inspection(1) Safety and health committee is responsible to inform the workers and supervisor the safety.(1) Notification(1) Posting the committee structure(1) Health and safety occupation group(2)
29 Set up a system for reporting accidents and near misses, concerns about hazards, and worker suggestions about health and safety improvements.
14 Investigated a specific health and safety problem by:
41 Doing a workplace inspection
33 Interviewing workers and supervisors
31 Reviewing accident or monitoring reports
40 Looking at MSDS or CSDS sheets
__ Other Collecting the questionnaires by mailbox(1) Having regular safety and health discussion meeting, inspecting power supply devices, reporting the hidden hazard ASSP.(1) Removing the hidden hazards(1) Making out the scheme to resolve the hazard problems(1)
5 Taken action to try to resolve a specific health and safety problem (Please describe)
Piling the material in the safety pass(1) Checking and installing the safeguard and safety precautions(2) Workers ignore safeguard when they use the chemicals(1) the noise and chemical hazards in work(1) Writing down the resolution method after survey (1) Wearing earplug(3) Installing banister for the sake of safety(1) Supplying newsletter of safety in the entrance of the building(1) Putting more fire hydrants in the warehouse(1) To reduce the noise and chemical hazards by engineering controls(1) To divide the health and safety committee members into a few groups to check the work site (chemicals, fire proof, noise) the seats are too long or short. It is inconvenient.(1) The problem has been reported to the supervisor.(1) The new seats have been ordered.(1) To install exhaust fan in the factory.(1) To survey "the hair rolled into machine" accident.(1) To discover problem --- analyzing the problem, announcement --- to make plan to resolve the problems --- keeping on with the resolution(1) To install hood(2) Painting black and yellow warning line.(2)
5. Since the training, the factory management has: (Please check ALL that apply)
38 Provided committee members with the resources they need to function on the committee (time off to attend meetings, a comfortable meeting place)
45 Made an effort to promote the health and safety committee among workers and supervisors in the factory.
36 Followed through on decisions made by the health and safety committee
40 Listened to health and safety concerns raised by workers on the committee
40 Encouraged open communication among workers and supervisors about health and safety concerns.
6. 44 I am a member of my factory’s health and safety committee.
6 I am not a member of my factory’s health and safety committee

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Juliana So and two members of the U.S. training team (Garrett Brown and Dara O’Rourke) will do a follow-up evaluation visit to talk with you more about these issues in early 2002.