China Capacity Building Project—Occupational Health and Safety

Appendix 7—Organizational Charts/Plant H&S Committees

YY Health Safety Committee

The organizational chart of YY H&S Committee
The organizational chart of Branch


The primary task of the health safety committee is to identify the performance of HSE in the factory, ensure health and safety of the employees during the work, continues to improve the work conditions, prevent accidents and occupational diseases. Through the organization of the health safety committee together with the operation of HSE of the existing SOE TEAM in factories, to make a health and safety work environment, and to set up a more perfect health & safety management system and surveillance meshwork.


1. Responsibility of the safety committee

  • To program health and safety management of the factory;
  • To take all kinds of effective measures to fulfill the health and safety policies;
  • To ensure health and safety guidelines and objectives to check and evaluate the management project;
  • To hold health and safety management evaluation meeting regularly to ensure the practicability, effective and continuance of the health and safety management systems;
  • To improve the management project and important health and safety issues;
  • To discuss other issues are relative to health and safety management.

2. Responsibility of committee members:

  • To report insecurity/hazardous actions and situation;
  • To attend all the health and safety committee meetings;
  • To evaluate all the accidents and safety near-miss;
  • To raise advice on health and safety improvement;
  • To carry out work healthily and safely.

Safety Committee at Pegasus — April 2002

  • Safety Committee is a group of worker representatives and managers who work together to discuss and resolve health and safety concerns at workplace.

Goal of Safety Committee

  • To provide and maintain a safe and health working and living conditions to all employees

Duties of Safety Committee

  • To monitor workplace to identify and assess safety and health hazards
  • To collect workers’ concerns on safety and health
  • To investigate accident and incident
  • To promote and provide training for workforce
  • To respond to and resolve workers safety and health complaints

Duties of Safety Committee Chairperson

  • Set schedule for meeting, prepare meeting agenda and conduct meeting
  • Establish procedures for reviewing and responding to minutes
  • Establish procedures for workplace inspection
  • Establish schedule of activities for improving safety & health awareness
  • Take the action to correct safety & health related hazard

Duties of Safety Committee Secretary

  • Notify members of meeting
  • Prepare material of meeting
  • Record minutes of meeting
  • Distribute minutes to committee members
  • Post minutes for other employees
  • Collect employees’ concerns and report to chairperson
  • Assume chairperson’s duties if required

Duties of Safety Committee Members

  • Integrate safety & health awareness into daily production management and working practices
  • Report unsafe conditions and practices
  • Work safely and influence others to work safely
  • Contribute suggestions and ideas of safety and health
  • Participate the investigation of injury, accident, illness and death
  • Attend all safety meetings and participate all workshop inspections
  • Collect co-workers’ concerns related to safety & health and report to committee secretary

OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System
Health and Safety Committee Organization

1. Chairperson: Hu Rurong (vice general manager)

2. Management Representative: Chen Qinghai (Assistant manager)

3. Director-general: Lin Jianlong(Manager)

4. Secretary: Ding Sen (vice manager)

5. Auditors (Risk Assessment Team):

  • Constitution:
    1. be made of those attending training in YY-from July 3 0 to October 2, 200 1.
    2. Headman of the Team: Wen Zhiguo, vice factory director
    3. Vice Headman of the Team: Ding Sen( Vice manager)
    4. The team shall be divided into group A, B, C and D.

Group A:

  • Group Leader: Zhang Xu Mei (Supervisor of bottom group)
  • Members: Liu Wenguo (C Moulding 1), Guan Xiancui (H Needle 2), Lu Bin (general affairs), Ding Dongliang (Developing)

Group B:

      • Group Leader: Xu Min (Production Assistance office)
      • Members: Wu Tingxin (Developing), Huang Guihua (B Molding 2), Zhao Wenjin (B Molding 1)

Group C:

      • Group Leader: Huang Yinxian (supervisor of QC)
      • Members: Liu Jingfeng(D needling manager), Yu Bin (practice leader), Duan Zhiqin (C cutting)

Group D:

      • Group Leader: Xu Changfen (Production assistance office)
      • Members: Yang Zuogao(Bottom, I /F), He Yanping (B cutting), Zhou Jianqiong (D tipping team) Yang Qin (QC)
  • Division of work,

Group A: Be responsible for tower A and B.

Group B: Be responsible for tower C and D.

Group C: Be responsible for Bottom, warehouse of cable and inner box.

Group D: be responsible for tower H and don-n area.

  • Duties
    1. The team shall conduct health and safety inspection once per year in the whole factory and then try to find out problems that are not in line with the standard of health and safety. In view of these problems they shall evaluate risks and decide the priority of improving these problems and then follow up whether the objectives and targets for improving problems have been achieved.
    2. Each group shall inspect at lest twice every month the health and safety situations within their responsible area and then find out problems that are not in line with the standard of health and safety. In view of these problems, they shall give out "advice for improving health and safety problerns7' and then check up whether the improvement has arrived the standard they required.

6. Supervising Group:

  • Constitution:
    1. Team leader: Ren Jingping, manager
    2. Members: Yang Ganghao, Assistant manager Lan, Vice manager Huang, Manager Yang, Assistant manager Chen, manger Ren.
  • Duties:

Be responsible for supervising the execution of each units and departments in light of targets and objectives set for health and safety. Assist auditors team in following up whether objectives and targets for improving has been achieved.

  • Specific Division of Work

Chemicals by Yang Ganghao, workplace environment by assistant manager Lan, machines and equipments by vice manager Huang, employees' health and hygiene by manger Yang, first aid by assistant manager Chen, air pollution by manager Ren.

7. Communication Team:

  • Constitution:
    1. Team leader: Supervisor of production assistance office (commissioner Cai Xiana)
    2. Members: Members of production assistance office(Xu Min, Xu Changfen), worker representative (Teng Jiufeng)
  • Duties:
    1. Communicate with employees and let them get to know the importance of health and safety.
    2. Collects employees' suggestions about health and safety in the workplace and then reports these suggestions to auditors.

8. Instructors

  • Constitution:
    1. Team leader: Jiang Wei1jun (general affairs)
    2. Members: be composed of members who have been sent to attend a 5-day training about health and safety trainer organized by ERM company (Duan Zhizhong (general affairs), Teng Jiufeng( factory affairs), Wang Xiarong (Tech group).
  • Duties:
    1. Be responsible for the propaganda of health and safety.
    2. If there is any requiremetit for training employees according to management plan or objected targets, they shall be responsible for training work.

9. Internal Auditing:

  • Constitution:
    1. Team leader: Ren Jinping manager
    2. Members: Ding Sen, Wei Pinhong, Wang Benqin, Zhan Dazhi, Zhou Haibo, Huang Zhiqiang, Xie Longgen, Jie Qinghua, Zhu Zhihong, Huang Yuanzhao, Bo Hao, Liu Huiliang , Ding Qunhe, Chen Jianlin, Jiang Wenjun, Yang Jiangli, Duan Zhizhong, Luo Shaohua, Huang Jinxiang, Chen Meijiao, Zhou Tao, Duan Guojun, Yang Gangyu.
  • Duties:
    1. Conduct a thorough internal auditing about all systems (IS09000, IS014001, OHSAS18001, SA8000) once per year and find out problems of these systems and then follow up improvement for these problems.
    2. The team leader shall report the result of internal auditing at the managing and checkup meeting.

10. Procedure of risk evaluation once per year: the communication and auditors team find out problems auditors group, problem departments and functional departments decide objectives for complex problems, functional departments and problem departments shall analyze problems and find out resolution - carry out - auditors and supervising group monitor the execution and achievement of the plan - Conduct a thorough internal auditing about OHSAS 18001 system and find out its problems and follow up improvement.

Made: this day of Aug 17, 2001
Amended: this day of Oct 24, 2001

Vice general manager:
Assistant manager:
Made: Ding Sen