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Last update: March 1999

List C2 - Related Reports and Major Magazine Articles (J-Z)

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Labor Notes; "Fired Auto Workers in Maquiladora Fight Back;" August 1998.

-- "Breed Technologies Refuses to Rehire Mexican Strikers;" May 1999.

-- "Van Heusen Closes Union Maquiladora in Guatemala;" Feb, 1999.

La Botz, Daniel; "AFL-CIO Opens Up to Independent Unions in Mexico;" Labor Notes; March 1998.

-- "Fight to Stop Privatization;" Labor Notes; May 1998.

-- Mexican Labor News and Analysis; (computer conference with published reports on the second and sixteenth of every month; e-mail address:

-- "Mexican Rail Workers Strike Against Privatization;" Labor Notes; April 1998.

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-- "Codes of Conduct: from Corporate Responsibility to Social Accountability;" October 1999; 15pp.

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