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bullet BANGLADESH OHS PROJECTS — new section!
bullet ALTA GRACIA PROJECT — "No Sweat" factory in the DR


The Maquiladora Health & Safety Support Network is a volunteer network of 300 occupational safety and health professionals who have placed their names on a resource list to provide information, technical assistance and on-site instruction regarding workplace hazards to worker and community organizations in the developing world. Network members, including industrial hygienists, toxicologists, epidemiologists, occupational physicians and nurses, and health educators among others, are donating their time and expertise to create safer and healthier working conditions for workers employed by transnational corporations around the world.

The Network has expanded its work from Mexico to include projects in Central America, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, China, and now Bangladesh.. Our goal has always been to build the capacity of workers and their organizations to understand occupational health and safety issues and to be able to speak and act in their own name to protect their health and to exercise their rights. Our activities have included providing information and trainings to workers, plant-wide health and safety committees, and to community, human rights and professional associations; technical assistance to workers filing complaints under international trade agreements; and technical information for grassroots organizations monitoring the performance of transnational corporations and government health and safety agencies in the global economy.

The Support Network is not designed to generate, nor is it intended to create, business opportunities for private consultants or other for-profit enterprises. On the contrary, Network participants will be donating their time and knowledge pro bono to workers, community organizations and professional associations.

The Maquiladora Health & Safety Support Network was launched in October 1993 at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association (APHA). It includes occupational health specialists primarily from Canada, Mexico and the United States who are active in the APHA, American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), National Safety Council (NSC) and the 20-plus local grassroots Committees for Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) groups in the U.S. and Canada.

The Support Network is continuously seeking more health and safety professionals and activists to join the network, as well as looking for more worker and community organizations who can make use of the information and technical assistance offered. Please join us!

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bullet Pole to Pole/Bangladesh — AIHA Synergist — August 2016 (PDF)
bullet Providing OHS Training to Workers in Bangladesh — Synergist Now — July 2016 (PDF)
bullet ISHN – 3rd Anniversary of Rana Plaza — May 2016 (PDF)
bullet ANROEV — OSH Rights #37 — April 2016 (PDF)
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Current Network Newsletter December 2012 (PDF)
Archive of Previous Electronic Newsletters
Subscribe to the Electronic Newsletter
Network's Reading & Resource Lists
Selected Articles and Report on Global Working Conditions, August – November 2010
New resources (reports & articles) Updated January 2011
Archive of old resource lists: 2009 and 2008 & earlier
MHSSN Statement on Iraq and OH&S
List of websites related to global OHS
Key Journal Articles From the Network
bullet "Factory certification schemes pose danger to safety & health profession," Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, May 2013 (PDF – 1.4MB)
bullet "MHSSN Statement on CSR Monitoring of Global Supply Chain Factories" January 2013
bullet "Fatal Flaws of Foreign Factory Audits: 'A spectacular failure' to improve conditions" Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, February 2013 (PDF)
bullet Genuine Worker Participation—An Indipansable Key to Effective Global OH article by Garrett Brown in New Solutions, Vol. 19(3) 2009 (PDF)
“Mexico’s daycare fire: not even babies are protected,” Garrett Brown at “The Pump Handle” blog, July 23, 2009
“Corporate Social Responsibility: The moment of truth arrives,” article by Garrett Brown in the May 2009 Industrial Safety and Hygiene News (also available as a PDF)
“Perils of a schizoid business model "  article by Garrett Brown, in Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, September 2, 2008
“The Two faces of Cal/OSHA" article in the October issue of Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, October 1, 2007
“Corporate Social Responsibility Brings Limited Progress on Workplace Safety in Global Supply Chains" (by Garrett Brown, Occupational Hazards, August 1, 2007)
“Taking a closer look" (by Garrett Brown, Occupational Hazards, May, 1 2007)
“Why Immigrant Workers Are Coming to the U.S., and How We Can and Need to Work Together" (speech by Garrett Brown to the Immigrant Workers in Construction Conference, Center to Protect Workers Rights, Sacramento, CA, on April 12, 2007)
“Immigrant Workers Are Our Allies, Not Our Enemies" (speech by Garrett Brown to the Center to Protect Worker Rights conference in Tijuana, Mexico, on August 15, 2005)
"Speak Out: Portrait of a Failure, NAFTA and Workplace Health and Safety" (by Garrett Brown, The Synergist, August 2004)
"Vulnerable Workers in the Global Economy" (by Garrett Brown, Occupational Hazards, April 2004)
MHSSN and OHS Professional Associations
"MHSSN letter to the National Safety Council's Safety & Health magazine, January 2013." (PDF)
AIHA's The Synergist "Honor Roll" column about MHSSN receiving the 2011 "Social Responsibility" award
AIHA's The Synergist Blog interview with MHSSN Coordinator Garrett Brown
"Now is the time for us to become the leaders we have been waiting for" presentation by MHSSN Coordinator Garrett Brown at WorkSafe Conference on March 25, 2011, in Emeryville, CA; reprinted in New Solutions, 2011 (PDF)
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IN00531A.gif (1591 bytes)
International Labor Organization (the United Nations' labor research and educational office)
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (research institute for workplace health & safety in the United States)
Duke's OEM Resource Center (a resource rich website for occupational health professionals)
Canadian Centre for Occupational Safety & Health
Asia Workers Institute for Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (Bangkok, Thailand)
Asia Pacific Occupational Safety and Health Organization
Red Fronteriza de Salud y Ambiente, A.C. ("Border Health and Environmental Network" based in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico)
International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) (international association of 23 professional associations in 21 countries)
Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) (regional component of the World Health Organization)
New York Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH, New York City)
WORKSAFE! (A California Coalition for Worker Occupational Safety & Health Protection)
"Hazards" magazine (Sheffield, England)
Hesperian Foundation (a non-profit publisher of community-based health care materials)
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ChemFinder Search Engine
Resources for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) (Links to numerous MSDS lists via Vermont's Safety Information Resources on the Internet)
International Chemical Safety Cards (A superb initiative to provide easy-to-read safety information on numerous chemicals from the World Health Organization's International Labor Office - better than MSDSs - and in eight languages)
Cornell's MSDS Search Engine
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“What does that $14 shirt really cost?” From the archives: "Bangladesh disaster raises tough questions about cheap clothes," Rosemary Westwood, Maclean’s, May 1, 2013 (PDF)
Periodic list of key media articles and reports on OHS issues in Bangladesh
June–July 2014 (PDF)
May 2014 (PDF)
Pole to Pole/Bangladesh — AIHA Synergist — August 2016 (PDF)
Providing OHS Training to Workers in Bangladesh — Synergist Now — July 2016 (PDF)
AIHA Fund Campaign for Bangladesh OHS — June 2016 (PDF)
ISHN – 3rd Anniversary of Rana Plaza — May 2016 (PDF)
AIHCE 2016 — Bangladesh — G Brown — May 2016 (PDF)
CCC statement on decent work in global supply chains — May 2016 (PDF)
ILO Bangladesh newsletter #4 — May 2016 (PDF)
ILO report — improving safety & rights in RMG in Bangladesh — April 2016 (PDF)
SOMO report — Should I stay or should I go — April 2016 (PDF)
ANROEV — OSH Rights #37 — April 2016 (PDF)
Selected Reports and Articles on the Third Anniversary of the Rana Plaza Collapse (PDF)
NFPA High Level Report on Bangladesh Garment Factories, March 2016 (PDF)
OSHE Newsletter January-February 2016 (PDF)
“Self-efficacy, disability level and physical strength in the injured workers: findings from a major factory disaster in Bangladesh,” Disability and Rehabilitation journal, April 2016 (PDF)
“Working with Women; Promoting sexual reproductive health & rights for business success in Bangladesh’s garments industry,” SNV Foundation, ongoing from 2014 (PDF)
“The Bulk of the Iceberg: A critique of the Stern Center’s Report on Worker Safety in Bangladesh, PennState Center for Global Workers Rights, February 2016 (PDF)
“Industrial Accidents in Bangladesh Apparel Manufacturing Sector: An analysis of the two most deadliest accidents in history,” Muhammad Faisol Chowdhury and Tasnim Rezoana Tanim, Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Management Studies, January 2016 (PDF)
“Scandal; Inside the global supply chains of 50 top companies,” International Trade Union Confederation, Frontlines Report 2016, January 2016 (PDF - 4.7MB)
“Undress Corruption; How to prevent corruption in the Readymade Garment sector; Scenarios from Bangladesh,” Transparency International Bangladesh, January 2016 (PDF)
“Our Voices, Our Safety, Bangladeshi Garment Workers Speak Out,” International Labor Rights Forum, December 2015 (PDF - 1.3MB)
“ILO Country Office for Bangladesh Newsletter, Issue 3,” International Labor Organization, December 2015 (PDF - 1.3MB)
“Asian-Pacific Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety, Textile Sector,” Finnish Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, December 2015 (PDF)

“Occupational Safety and Health Rights,” newsletter of the Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational and Environmental Victims (ANROEV), October-December 2015 (PDF - 1.7MB)

"Supply chain culture change; Real progress, challenges in Bangladesh's garment industry safety," article by Garrett Brown, Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, October 2015 (PDF)
bullet "ILO Bangladesh," newsletter #2 from the Country Office of the International Labor Organization, July 2015 (PDF)
"Keeping Bangladesh Garment Workers Alive, Safe, Sound," IGNITE presentation at the June 2015 conference of the American Industrial Hygiene Association by Garrett Brown (YouTube video)
bullet "Bringing labor rights back to Bangladesh," article by Robert J. Ross, The American Prospect, summer 2015. (PDF)
bullet "Why voluntary standards won't make the global garment industry safer," article by Robert J. Ross, The American Prospect, June 8, 2015 (PDF)
bullet "Emerging from the tragedies in Bangladesh: A challenge to voluntarism in the global economy," article by Bjorn Skorpen Claeson, New Solutions, spring 2015 (PDF)
bullet "Bangladesh: Currently the worst, but possibly the future's best," article by Garrett Brown, New Solutions, spring 2015. (PDF)
bullet "The Bangladesh Accord brings health and safety to South Asia," article in Bridges, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, University of California at Berkeley, summer 2015 (PDF)
bullet '"Whoever raises their head suffers the most,' Workers rights in Bangladesh's garment factories," report by Human Rights Watch, April 2015 (PDF)
bullet "Rana Plaza Two Years On; Progress made & challenges ahead for the Bangladesh RMG sector," report by the International Labor Organizations, April 2015 (PDF)
bullet "The prevalence and risk factors Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among workers injured in Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh," article by Taylor Fitch, et al., American Journal of Industrial Medicine, accepted April 16, 2015 (PDF)
bullet "Rana Plaza Two Years On: Towards A Safer RMG Sector For Bangladesh," speech by US Ambassador Marcia Bernicat, Dhaka, April 23, 2015 (PDF)
bullet "Takepart World: Many workers in Bangladesh haven't seen the improvements in working conditions that they were promised. For one of them, any changes will be too late," article by Joseph Allchin, Take Part web site, April 2015 (PDF)
bullet "ILO Bangladesh," newsletter #1 from the Country Office of the International Labor Organization, April 2015 (PDF)
bullet "Global supply chains and decent work; Trade union input to the G7," briefing paper by the ITUC, TUAC and DGB unions in Europe, March 2015 (PDF)
bullet "Quantifying the costs and benefits of occupational health and safety interventions at a Bangladesh shipbuilding company," article by Irene Thiede and Michael Thiede, International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, 2015 (PDF)
bullet "Corporate environmental responsibility and accountability: What chance in vulnerable Bangladesh?" article by Ataur Rahman Belal, et al., Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 2015 (PDF)
bullet "Improving worker safety in global supply chains; The case for a global safety & health management standard," article by Scott Cooper, Professional Safety, October 2014 (PDF)
bullet "Bangladesh blowback: Hopes for improved garment factory safety," article by Garrett Brown, Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, June 2014 (PDF)
bullet "Supply chain Safety; Emerging initiatives in the aftermath of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh," article by Bethany Harvey, Professional Safety, May 2014 (PDF)
bullet "Takepart World: low production costs have made Bangladesh the world's second­ largest producer of ready-made fashion. What's the real price we pay for cheap clothing?" article by Joseph Allchin, Take Part web site, December 16, 2013 (PDF)
bullet "Bangladesh: Is worker safety failing in the global supply chain," special report by Sandy Smith and others, EHS Today, October 2013 (PDF)
bullet "Garment Fire: History repeats itself," Hasanat Alamgir, et al., American Journal of Industrial Medicine 56:1113-1115, 2013 (PDF)
bullet “Bangladesh Country Study 2013,” Fair Wear Foundation (Holland), 2013 (PDF)
bullet "Fatal Fashion: Analysis of recent factory fires in Pakistan and Bangladesh: a call to protect and respect garment workers' lives," report by the Clean Clothes Campaign, March 2013 (PDF)
bullet "Deadly Secrets: What companies know about dangerous workplaces and why exposing the truth can save workers' lives in Bangladesh and beyond," report by the International Labor Rights Forum, December 2012 (PDF)
bullet "Corporate Social Responsibility: What is it good for? Factory fires in Bangladesh: Again and again and again," article by Garrett Brown, Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, May 2011 (PDF)
bullet "La Moda Mata: Asesinato industrial en la cadena global de suministro," article by Garrett Brown in EHS Today, September , September 2010 (PDF)
bullet "Fashion Kills: Industrial Manslaughter in the Global Supply Chain" article by Garrett Brown in EHS Today, September 2010 (PDF)
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IN00521A.gif (1899 bytes)
ALTA GRACIA PROJECT — "No Sweat" factory in the DR
Alta Gracia factory follow-up report, MHSSN health and safety inspection, February 2011 (PDF)
“No sweat”: In the Dominican Republic article by Garrett Brown in Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, October 1, 2010
bullet “No-Sweat” Factory in Dominican Republic Focuses on Worker Safety article in the newsletter "Bridges" from COEH (Center for Occupational & Environmental Health), UC Berkeley, Summer 2010
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Global Electronics Factories in Spotlight  article by Garrett Brown in the Occupational Health & Safety Magazine, August 4, 2010
Worker Suicides At Foxconn plant in Shenzhen, China — Supplier for Apple, Dell and Hewlett-Packard June 2010
Dozens of Cancer Deaths At Samsung Electronics Plants in Korea — Young Workers Die In “Cancer Factories” June 2010
Electronics: Poster Child of the 21st Century Sweatshops and Despoiler of the Environment? article by Garrett Brown in EHS Today, September 2009 (PDF)
Selected List of Reports on Working Conditions in the Global Electronics Industry
Selected List of Organizations and Current Campaign in the Global Electronics Industry
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Secretaría del Trabajo y Prevision Social (STPS)  (Mexico's Department of Labor. Occupational health and safety regulations a click away)
NAFTA Labor Secretariat in Washington, DC
Mexican Law (ForInt-Law - Mexico, an excellent resource to the Mexican Constitution, and government and laws of Mexico; from Washburn University School of Law Library)
National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade (a business-oriented free trade support research center which has useful info)
Bureau of International Labor Affairs (Labor news and issues from around the world including Mexico from a U. S. Department of Labor agency)
Guide to Mexican Environmental Law
Interagency Coordinating Committee for U.S./Mexico Border Environmental Health (A U. S. EPA initiative to identify and address environmental health issues along the U.S.-Mexico border)
"MexRegs" (commercial newsletter and database)
"Speak Out: Portrait of a Failure, NAFTA and Workplace Health and Safety" (by Garrett Brown, The Synergist, August 2004)
Key NAFTA 10th Anniversary Reports
NAFTA’s 10 Year Failure to Protect Mexican Workers’ Health and Safety (by Garrett Brown, December 2004) (PDF)
Presentation of Ingrid Zubieta of UCLA LOSH on the Cananea mine project at the national meeting of National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) in October 2009 (PDF)
Cananea Copper Mine: An International OHS Project  (PDF) article in the January 2009 issue of the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health (IJOEH)
“International OHS Through the Looking Glass of the Global Economy" article by Garrett Brown, in Occupational Hazards, January 1, 2008
“Health and Safety Report from Cananea, Mexico, Copper Mine"
Final Report (PDF)
Versión en Español (PDF)
Photographs of workplace health and safety hazards at Grupo Mexico's Cananea copper mine, October 7, 2007.
MHSSN response to GM-STPS
MHSSN statement on the release of the Final Report
Website of the U.S. National Administrative Office (NAO) with information of the complaint procedures, texts of submissions, reports of the U.S. NAO, agreements from Ministerial Consultations, and status reports. http://www.dol.gov/ilab/programs/nao/main.htm

Analysis of the complaint process by Human Rights Watch: 'Trading Away Rights: The Unfilled Promises of the NAFTA Labor Side Agreement (April 2001) www.hrw.org/reports/2001/nafta

Complaint by workers at the Autotrim plant in Matamoros and Customtrim/Breed Mexicana plant in Valle Hermoso (June 2000)
Text of Submission 2000-01

Text of Network testimony at the U.S. NAO hearing in San Antonio, TX, (December 12, 2000)

NIOSH Report on visits to Autotrim and Customtrim plants (March 7, 2001) (PDF)

Text of the U.S. NAO report (April 6, 2001)

July 6, 2001 letter to the U.S. NAO with proposed remedies

November 20, 2001 letter to the U.S. NAO protesting lack of action

December 12, 2001 letter to U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao proposing the creation of an "Evaluation Committee of Experts"
March 20, 2002 letter to U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao protesting her refusal to convoke an "Evaluation Committee of Experts"
CJM Fact Sheet on Customtrim/Autotrim Complaint
35 Members of Congress Write Labor Secretary Chao Demanding Action on Autotrim/Customtrim (May 7, 2002)
US-Mexico "Joint Declaration" to close the Autotrim/Customtrim case (June 11, 2002)
CJM Statement on the June 11th US-Mexico Joint Declaration (June 19, 2002)
UE President Hovis letter to Secretary Chao (July 24, 2002)
Senators Kennedy and Wellstone letter to Secretary Chao (August 23, 2002)
CJM Letter to Labor Secretaries Chao and Abascal (September 6, 2002)
AT/CT Submitters Letter to the 3 NAFTA Labor Secretaries (October 7, 2003)
US Department of Labor response to October 2003 letter (December 15, 2003) (PDF)
Canada's Labour Ministry response to October 2003 letter (December 18, 2003) (PDF)
March 15, 2004 letter to Canada's Labour Minister and US Labor Department
Complaint by workers at the Han Young plant in Tijuana (February 1998)
Text of Submission 9702, Part II

Text of Network testimony at the U.S. NAO hearing in San Diego, CA, on February 18, 1998

Text of the U.S. NAO report (August 11, 1998)

Text of Ministerial Agreement (May 18, 2000)

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Report on Guatemala Training (December 2004)

CAFTA Reports

Final Report of Central America Health and Safety Training, September 2003
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In January 2000, Network Coordinator Garrett Brown and Professor Dara O'Rourke of MIT received a two-year grant from the MacArthur Foundation to conduct capacity-building trainings on occupational safety and health topics with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Asia.

The first training occurred in Jakarta, Indonesia, in June 2000 with 32 representatives of 12 NGOs and six trade unions. A follow-up training with these participants and others occurred in February 2002.

The second training occured in August 2001 in Dongguan City, China, at a 30,000-worker sports shoe factory. The training involved participants from NGOs in Hong Kong and China, Hong Kong trade unions, labor practices staff of adidas, Reebok and Nike, and production workers and supervisors/managers of three plants in Guangdong Province.

Report from LION in Indonesia on MHSSN-funded training in Tangerang in July 2011 (PDF — 7MB)
The Asia Health and Safety Training Project—Training Activists in Indonesia June and February 2002: FINAL REPORT (March 19, 2003) The following are PDF files click here if you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Main Report (PDF)
Appendix 1: agenda (PDF)
Appendix 2: prepost evaluation worksheet (PDF)
Appendix 3: follow-up survey (PDF)
Appendix 4: teaching agenda (PDF)
June 2000 training of NGOs and Union staff and activists in Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesia: Follow-up Training Held in February 2002
“Lean Manufacturing Comes to China" (PDF) article in the July-September 2007 issue of the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health
“ISHN Global Watch: China proposes worker protection law” (by Garrett Brown, Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, May 24, 2007)
Memorandum of Understanding for July 2001 training of NGO staff, Hong Kong union staff, international brand staff, plant supervisors and workers in Dongguan City, China
China: March 2002 Evaluation Visits to Three Giant Footwear Plants
Final Report of the Coordinating Committee of the "China Capacity Building Project—Occupational Health and Safety" May 29, 2002
International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, Volume 9, Number 4, October/December 2003 (Special Issue: Occupational Health and Safety in China)
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The growth of the maquiladora plants on the U.S.-Mexico border, and increasingly throughout Mexico, is part of the economic "globalization" process which has affected all corners of the world. The issues of workplace and safety in the maquilas is closely linked to the issues of labor practices in the "export processing zones" and "sweatshops" in both developing and developed economies.

The following information is offered to help understand the context and challenges facing occupational health professionals in the Mexican maquilas and similar facilities throughout the world. The following references are only a small portion of the websites, organizations and publications that exist on this issue.

Codes of Conduct and Monitoring Systems

Fair Labor Association (US)

Workers Rights Consortium (US)

American Apparel Manufacturers Association (US) – "Worldwide Responsible Apparel Program – WRAP"

Social Accounting International (US)

Clean Clothes Campaign (Holland)

Ethical Trading Initiative (UK)

Hong Kong Coalition for the Safe Production of Toys (China)

International Organization Codes of Conduct

International Labor Organization (ILO): ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998)

Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OCED): OCED Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (2000)

United Nations (UN): The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

Information Sources
PCIH 2008 Resource Flyer  (Genuine Worker Participation in Plant OHS Programs — Selected Resources)
“Genuine Worker Participation – An Indispensable Key to Effective Global OHS"  a presentation by Garrett Brown, Professional Conference in Industrial Hygiene, AIHA Academy of Industrial Hygiene, November 10, 2008 (PDF)
“ISO's Social Responsibility guidelines: A small step forward — maybe" (column by Garrett Brown, Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, September 2005)
“Protecting Workers’ Health and Safety in the Globalizing Economy through International Trade Treaties” (by Garrett Brown, International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, April–June 2005) (PDF)
Why NAFTA Failed and What’s Needed to Protect Workers’ Health and Safety in International Trade Treaties (by Garrett Brown, December 2004) (PDF)
"The Global Threats to Workers' Health and Safety on the Job" by Garrett Brown, Social Justice, Vol. 29, No.3
Business & Human Rights: A Resource Website (online library of key documents)
Ethical Performance (British newsletter on corporate responsibility worldwide)
Globalization, Labor—What’s in the News (newsletter of the New Economy Information Service)

International Forum on Globalization (San Francisco, CA-based policy center)

Memo: Codes Update (newsletter of Canada’s Maquila Solidarity Network)
Public Citizen Global Trade Watch (website of Ralph Nader-founded citizens’ group)
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Mexico News
"Borderlines" Newsletter and "BIOS-Border Information and Outreach Service" (from the Interhemispheric Resource Center)
Mexican Labor News and Analysis
La Jornada (Mexico's widely read independent newspaper - in Spanish)
"Pulse Point" (commercial newsletter with information on Mexican regulations)
"MaquilaMarket.com" (commercial newsletter with economic and regulatory news)
NAFTA and Inter-American Trade Monitor
Sustainable Earth Electronic Library (a superb collection of journals covering international environmental issues with something on Central America or Mexico in almost all categories)
Global News
Multinational Monitor (US magazine)
Council of Canadians (leading Canadian NGO)
Human Rights for Workers (Robert Senser's newsletter)
Focus on the Global South (based in Thailand)
China Labour Bulletin (Hong Kong-based newsletter)
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PE03329A.gif (2277 bytes)
NAFTA Countries
Campaign for Labor Rights
Environmental Health Coalition (San Diego)
Global Exchange
International Labor Rights Fund
Maquila Solidarity Network (Canada)
Mexico Solidarity Network
National Interfaith Committe for Worker Justice
National Labor Committee
People's Global Action (Canada)
Red Mexicana (Mexico)
Resource Center of the Americas
Sweatshop Watch
UNITE Stop Sweatshops Campaign
United Students Against Sweatshop
Asian Countries
Asia Monitor Resource Center (Hong Kong)
Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational Accident Victims (ANROAV—Thailand)
Committe for Asian Women (CAW—Thailand)
Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee (Hong Kong)
Thai Labour Campaign (Thailand)
Child Labor Coalition
Clean Clothes Campaign
Ethical Trading Initiative
Global Labour Inspectors Network
Third World Network
Women in Informal Employment Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO)
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